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Kaíró '05 - filma 4: Beirut-Damascus
Beirut, 31/3/05 The famous Holiday Inn Hotel which stands on the old Green Line Rebuilt and bombed, side by side
Many of the office workers of the Lebanon-Canadian Banks have offices facing the old Holiday Inn I'm not sure, but it seemed that someone had made a home in a couple of the rooms on the 1st floor A big balloon advertising Lebanon's Opportunities campeign right next to the old Holiday Inn tower
On the old Green Line It can't be seen on the picture but the TGI Friday's restaurant downtown has a view over these old Roman ruins The wall next to Hariri's grave
The Independence '05 camp next to Hariri's grave The mosque which Hariri's is burried next to The downtown area, the Parliament on the left and it's offices on the right
The Roman bath in the downtown area. Notice the churchtower, how it has been rebuilt after the civil war, without hiding it though The Grand Serail, a restored Ottoman building that houses gov. offices today Place d'Étoile or Nejemah Sq. as the locals call it

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